Kang Gu Zeng Sheng Wan

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Helps reduce bone spurs & joint pain, also strengthens ligaments & bone.

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Helps strengthen ligaments and bones; bone hyperplasia, hypercalcification after traumatic injury; joint pain that worsens on movement; spondylitis, spondylodiscites, vertebral pain; fatigue; numbness of joints. Kang Gu Zeng Sheng Wan calms pain, and tonifies Liver Qi and Kidney Qi.  Do NOT use during pregnancy.

Adult Serving:  6-8 pills, 2-3 times daily with water. Do not use during pregnancy.

Ingredients:  radix rehmannia preparada, herba cistanches, ructus ligustri lucidi, herba epimedii, caulis spatholobi, radix achyranthis bidentatae, rhizoma drynariea, semen raphani.

Size:  200 pills per bottle.  Produced by EverSpring in China.  No sugar.  No artificial colors.

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