Cancer Syndrome

Cancer Syndrome presents herbals with benefit for persons with cancer syndrome to regain balance toward health.

Cancer is not a modern disease. It has existed for centuries as proved in ‘The Secret Surgery Menu of Immortals’ (‘Xian Fun Wai Ke Mi Fun’, in Chinese) written by Taoist Master Zao Yi Zen about 700 years ago. This book is a compilation of many masters’ practices and experiences up to that time. Master Zao Yi Zen indicated his school, and no other, inherited the knowledge for treating cancer syndrome. The technique and treatment described in his book for cancer syndrome had been in use for many centuries prior and proved effective at that time. ‘The Secret Surgery Menu of Immortals’ was translated and amended by Shifu Hwang under the title ‘Herbal Surgeon: Immortal Cancer Care’. Our company produces the original herbal recipes described in the ‘Herbal Surgeon’.

Cancer syndrome is generally classified as Yang-type or Yin-type. Yang-type is characterized as repletion, red cyst, usually exposed on the skin. Yin-type is characterized as vacuity, pale, hidden under skin, inner muscle or in bone. However, these classifications are not absolute. Yin-type may include Yang characteristics and Yang-type may include Yin characteristics.

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