Hong Bao Dan – Paste, 5 oz

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Use with Chong Her Xian Gao for cancer syndrome lump.

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Hong Bao Dan prevents the escape of cancer cells from cancer cyst or lump when encircling area to which formula Chong Her Xian Gao is applied. Note: Must be used with Chong Her Xian Gao.

Application:  1) Mix sufficient herbal powder and a small amount of honey into a paste to complete application in next step. Begin with 1 tbsp powder, appx 1 tbsp honey if area to encircle is less than 2 inches across. Add more or less honey to ensure paste is moist enough to stay on skin. If mix more than needed for application, store in glass for next application.  2) Apply paste in circle around Chong Her Xian Gao. Cover with soft bandage to hold both pastes in place. See Chong Her Xian Gao for length of time, cleaning and re-application information.

Warning: Do NOT put this formula directly on cancer syndrome OR directly over internal organs.

Ingredients:  trichosanthes radix, angelica radix, curcuma rhizome, paoenia radix.

Size: appx 5 ounce, appx 150 grams powder.  Also available in 1 ounce.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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