Gui Pi Wan

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Aid for poor digstive function, bodily tiredness, anemia, anxiety, phobia, disturbing dreams

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Helps improve vitality, strengthen blood, improve digestive function, and calm the nerves; for bodily tiredness, anemia, purpura (red or purple coloration on skin or mucous membranes), noticeable change in heart beat, memory loss or poor memory, anxiety, phobia, disturbing dreams, insomnia, poor appetite, uterine bleeding and/or bloody stool.

This classic formula, Gui Pi Wan, calms Mind, nourishes Heart, strongly tonifies Spleen, and tonifies Qi and Blood.

Adult Serving:  8-10 tea-pills, 2 to 3 times daily.

Ingredients:  atractylodes macrocephala rhizome, poria cocos fungus, polygala tenuifolia root, euphoria longan fruit, angelica sinensis root, codonopsis pilosula root, astragalus membranaceus root, ziziphus spinos seed, aucklandia lappa root, ziziphus jujuba fruit, glycrrhiza uralensis root.

Size:  200 tea-pills per bottle.  Manufactured by Ever Spring in China.

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