Athletes Replenish (Shujin Huoxue Dington Shan)

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Aids with aching & soreness from strenuous activity; restores energy.

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Aids with reduced aching and soreness in muscles and joints from exercise or strenuous activity; restores energy; increases results from physical training.

Athletes Replenish nourishes, soothes, and aids support to nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments; and restores depleted energy. Lay aside any concern for aching and soreness in muscles and joints when participating in athletic competition, physical training, week-end warrior, week-end gardening / landscaping, routine exercise, and strenuous work. This herbal moves Blood, soothes the Channels, unblock the Channels. Other indications may include numbness or pain in legs, rheumatism, Blood stasis, Wind-Dampness in Channels and Collaterals.

Athletes Replenish may double or triple the results from physical training.

Adult Serving:  4 capsules before routine training or exercise and again after strenuous activity. During daily serious training, take 4-8 capsules daily and 4 more capsules after very strenuous training. Expect quick results.

May mix capsules contents in small amount of water or soft food such as applesauce. Note: 4 capsules equals 1 rounded teaspoon powder.

Ingredients:  dipsacus radix, dynaria rhizome, curcuma rhizome, ledbouriella radix, carthamys flower, corydalis tuber, angelica radix, gentiana radix, daemonorops draco resin, olibanum, ligusticum radix, red peony radix, angelica sinensis.

Size: 100 capsules per bottle.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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