Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan

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Powerful tonic for the Heart, nourishes Yin and Blood, and calms the mind.

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Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan is helpful for stressful life-style or job, and helps with anxiety, mental weariness, insomnia, restless or erratic sleep, irritability, nervous breakdown, heart palpitations, and poor memory.  This classic formula is an excellent rejuvenation tonic for the elderly that is safe to take long-term as a means to rebuild the essential fluids for the brain.

Adult Serving:  8-10 tea-pills, 2-3 times daily.

Ingredients:  rehmannia radix, salvia radix, angelica sinensis, acori rhizome, poria, schisandra fructus, ziziphus semen, biota semen, ophiopogon tuber, scrophularia radix, polygala radix.

Size: 200 tea-pills per bottle.  Produced by EverSpring in China.

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