Tranquil Sitting (book)

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Practical guide to the healing power and spiritual benefits of meditation and Chinese medical Qigong.

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Author: Yin Shi Zi

Translated by: Shi Fu Hwang and Cheney Crow

Paperback: $19.95
2012, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 95pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-112-9

Tranquil Sitting is the Taoist Master Yin Shi Zi’s practical guide and inspirational testament to the healing power and spiritual benefits of meditation and Chinese medical Qigong.

The book explores the theory and physiological aspects of meditation and offers practical instruction in traditional meditation techniques. It also documents Yin Shi Zi’s personal experiences with meditation, his own self-healing which he attributes to his Taoist practice, and his initiation into the Tibetan tantric practice of opening the crown of the head. Thus giving the reader an idea of the long-term process of meditation practice and the deep healing that can result from it.

Faithfully translated from the Chinese, this is an influential text that belongs on the bookshelves of everyone with an interest in Taoist practice and meditation.


  • Foreword by Master Zhongxian Wu.
  • Foreword by Glenn H. Mullin.
  • About the Translation. Translator’s Introduction.
  • A Taoist Journal: On the Theory, Practice, and Benefits of Meditation by Yin Shi Zi.

Part I. Preface.

  • 1. The Theory of Tranquil Sitting.
  • 2. The Physiological Features of Meditation.
  • 3. How to Meditate.
  • 4. The Principle of Chih Kuan.
  • 5. The Six Mystical Steps.
  • 6. The Relationship Between Meditation Theory and Practice.

Part II.

  • 7. My Experience.
  • 8. My Study and Practice of Tibetan Tantra and Mahamudra.
  • Index.

Reviews: “

Master Yin Shi Zi’s book so enthralled me that I read it in a single sitting. His training in classical Chinese medicine and as a professor of physiology enables him to express both his own experiences and his guide to cultivating a practice of these methods in a language easily comprehensible to the modern reader. His book is a wonderful contribution to our understanding of the nature of Taoist/Buddhist yoga, meditation, and inner science.”
-Glenn H. Mullin, author of ‘Selected Works of the Dalai Lama’ and ‘Death and Dying’

‘The reader can really better understand the mental and physical phenomena encountered when progressing through meditation. If anyone ever wondered what changes may occur during intense study of meditation, this book helps to provide answers.’
– Master Tsung Hwa Jou, author of ‘The Dao of Taijiquan’ and ‘The Tao of Meditation’

“This wonderful book has been very influential in my own practice and I was elated to find that Shifu Hwang and Cheney Crow have completed such a clear translation. Tranquil Sitting provides inspiration for all those who want to practice meditation, but may feel that their life contradicts or obstructs that practice. Yin Shi Zi is deservedly considered one of China’s most celebrated meditation practitioners.”
– Stuart Alve Olson, author of ‘Cultivating the Ch’i’

“[Yin Shi Zi’s book] is widely considered to be a modern classic Qigong self-healing book. There are countless individuals who have recovered from all manner of illness and disease by studying and practicing methods from his book.”
– From the foreword by Master Zhongxian Wu, lineage holder of four schools of qigong and martial arts, and author of ‘Vital Breath of the Dao’, ‘Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change’, ‘Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong’, and ‘Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong’

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