Blue Dragon, White Tiger (book)

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Author: Chang Sen Feng,  Translator: Shi Fu Hwang & Cheney Crow

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Author: Chang Sen Feng

Translated by: Shi Fu Hwang and Cheney Crow

Published by Singing Dragon
Paperback: $19.95
2012, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 112pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-115-0

Written during the Tang Dynasty, this unusual tantric guide documents a sexual tantra that is thought to have been practiced by emperors for several dynasties, before losing favor to a more ascetic approach to Taoism. According to legend, the author was last seen on the edge of a precipice, clasping the book to his chest, and proclaiming the sincerity of his practice.

Translated into English for the first time, this illuminating text carefully describes the methods of this sexual internal alchemy practice, pursued strictly for the spiritual advancement of the practitioner, and undertaken only once desire and attachment for a consort had been overcome. Cloaked in metaphor, the techniques and attendant virtues of the practice are presented in beautiful poetry and prose, with explanatory commentaries throughout.

This is an important historical text that will provide a fascinating insight into ancient tantric practices for anyone with an interest in Taoism, Chinese history and philosophy, and tantra or meditation practices.


  • Translator’s Note.
  • Introduction.
  • Preface.
  • Part I. Preparation of the Mind. Cultivating the Chi Through Sole Breathing. Accumulating Chi to Open the Gate. Cultivating the Body’s Essence with Jade Fluid.
  • Part II. Preparing the Practice. Assembling Wealth to Cultivate the Practice. Selecting the Place for Practice. Selecting Companions. Building the Chambers for Practice. Choosing Consorts. Testing the Quality of the Consort. Choosing the Gold Consort. Choosing the Fire Consort. Choosing the Water Consort. Cultivating the Body’s Essence and Building the Foundation. Building up Chi to Enter the Pass. Extending the Lifespan with Jade Liquid. Using Gold Water to Forge the Sword. Recovering the Golden Elixir. Selecting the Time for Heaven Circulation.
  • Part III. The Secrets of Collecting Truth. Beginning Practice. Building the Foundation. Collecting the Medicine. Knowing the Time. Strumming the Lute. Facing your Enemy. Upside Down. In All Sincerity. Water Wheel. The Gateway of Belief. Following or Reversing.
  • Part IV. The Way of Gathering Truth. Advanced Practice. Seventeen Poems of the True Secret.

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