Elephant Kung Fu (DVD)

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Develop strong Qi and spinal flexibility.  No high kicks, No low stance.

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Elephant Kung Fu (DVD) was created to assist the student in learning this form of Kung Fu. It begins with a short explanation of the form then a demo of the complete form. The form is then presented in individual postures and techniques for greater study and practice. Explanations and examples of the practical martial art application is featured. The DVD is appx. 60 minutes in length.

‘A good Kung Fu style improves health, develops flexibility, increases strength, and the Qi flow feels very pleasant. The benefits of Elephant Kung Fu are easily felt. The form encourages the turning and rotation of the waist while the feet and legs remain in place. The vertebrae of the spine move in a circular motion, and as a result those who suffer from lower back problems may benefit from better spine alignment. In addition, when the practitioner keeps their knees bent and torso straight, the Qi can easily sink into the Dan Tien.’

‘Elephant Kung Fu can be considered a quality fighting form. Its energy is strong and its gravity is low. It does not have high kicks or very low stances. As a result, even older people can perform the movements and techniques. Attack and defense are applied in one movement. Elephant foot work and hand manipulations are relatively unique, and give most opponents a surprise.’
-Master Shifu Hwang

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