Jian Bu Wan

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Aids with lower body weakness (low back, legs, knees), joint pain.

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Jain Bu Wan, also known as ‘Vigorous Walking Pill’, is an effective traditional supplement which tonifies Liver and Kidney to expel Wind and Damp, clear dampness, dredge and activate meridian. Indicated for insufficiency of Liver and Kidney, paralysis by accumulation of Cold and Damp, lassitude in loin and knees, tiredness of limbs, painful joints, Cold produced by excessive Yin. Examples: osteoarthritis, stiffness of lower limbs, weakness of low back, weakness in knees, numbness, rheumatic pain and other syndromes which manifest chiefly as weakness, flaccidity, emaciation of the lower limbs. Do NOT use during pregnancy.

Adult Serving: 10 tea-pills, 2 times daily.  Do NOT use during pregnancy.

Ingredients:  radix eyathulae, os pardus, radix paeonia alba, plastrum testudinis, rehmanniae preparata, cortex phellodendri, radix angelica sinensis., herba cynomorii, rhizoma anemarrhenae, pericarpium citri reticulate, rhizoma zingiberis.

Size:  200 tea-pills per bottle.  Manufactured by EverSpring in China.

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