Fu Fang Shan Zha Wan

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Naturally reduces cholesterol deposits (atherosclerosis), high blood pressure, anxiety, and such.

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Supports the body to naturally reduce: cholesterol deposits in blood vessels (atherosclerosis), high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, and anxiety.

Fu Fang Shan Zha Wan may cause reactions such as nausea, fatigue, and sweating.  Consult with a health-care professional if you are taking certain medication for blood pressure or anti-arrhythmics, or experience the possible reactions listed before.

Do not use if pregnant.

Adult Serving: 5-8 pills, 2-3 times daily.

Ingredients:  crataegus fructus (hawthorn fruit), salvia miltiorrhizia radix, polygonum multiflorum radix, semiaquilegia radix.

Size: 200 tea-pills per bottle.  Manufactured by EverSpring in China.

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