Confucius Wisdom (Kongshen Zhenzong Dan)

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For enhanced memory & concentration; reduced mental fatigue.

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Confucius Wisdom can effectively enhance learning and memory.  This herbal is an effective traditional Chinese blend that:

  • Nourishes Heart
  • Strengthens Kidney
  • Clears and benefits the brain
  • Dramatically improves memory & concentration
  • Reduces mental fatigue

Confucius Wisdom also helps reduce memory loss.

Adult Serving 4-6 capsules, 2-3 times daily.


codonopsis radix, ophiopogon tuber, poria cocos, polygala radix, rehmannia radix, angelica sinensis, acorus rhizome, chinemys plastrum, os draconis, biota semen, schrophularia radix, ziziphus semen.

Size:  100 capsules per bottle.

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