Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan

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Benefits digestive issues as abdominal bloating, chronic diarrhea, fatigue.

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Benefits symptoms of spleen and stomach Qi deficiency, such as fatigue, abdominal bloating, sensitivity to cold, and chronic diarrhea.

An ancient formula, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan has a long history of use to treat blood, resolve digestive problems and strengthen prolapsed organs (rectum, uterus, stomach), conditions due to Qi deficiency.

Adult Serving: 8-10 tea-pills, 2 to 3 times daily.

Ingredients: radix astragali, radix codonopsis, radix atractylodis macrocephalae, radix angelicae sinensis, radix cimicifugae, citri reticulatae, radix bupleuri, radix glycyrrhizae, rhizoma zingiberis recens, fructus jujubae.

Size: 200 tea-pills per bottle.  Manufactured by EverSpring in China.

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