Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Wan

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Used for centuries for ‘Peaceful Sleep’,

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The formula in Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Wan has been used for centuries for ‘Peaceful Sleep’.  This all-natural formula acts to relax the mind and body, and overcome the occasional feelings of stress or insomnia allowing your body to get the rest it deserves.

Use with caution if pregnant or have significant digestive issues.

Adult Serving:  6-8 tea-pills, 2-3 times daily.  Expect results within 3-5 weeks of daily use.

Ingredients:  radix rehmanniae, radix angelicae sinensis, semen biotae, radix asparagi, radix ophiopogonis, fructus schisandrae, fructus jujubae, radix ginseng, poria, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, radix polygalae, semen ziziphi spionsae.

Size:  200 tea-pills per bottle.  Produced by EverSpring in China.

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