Stop Smoking Tea – West Lake Tea (Xihu Jiehyan Chai)

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Stop smoking with this proprietary tea and herb blend.  Also, see Anti-Smoke Herbal Patch.

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Tobacco is smoked to feel refreshed, invigorated, or calmed. It is difficult to stop smoking due to the urge to attain the mental and physical state that occurs during and immediately after smoking.

Drink Stop Smoking Tea (West Lake Tea) and the desire to smoke will fade. As withdrawal from nicotine addiction proceeds, even the seeming good taste of smoking will no longer be there. Eventually, Stop Smoking Tea can be replaced by any desired green tea to maintain a sense of equilibrium rather than returning to smoking. Success requires a strong dedication to end the smoking habit.

The ingredients in Stop Smoking Tea nourish, strengthen, and detoxify internal organs for a greater sense of stability and control.

Preparation and Serving: 1 tea bag per cup. Steep in just boiled water for 3 – 5 minutes (or longer). Drink 1 cup 3 times daily to greatly reduce the urge to smoke; and also anytime the urge to smoke is strong. A stop-smoking endeavor will take 10 days in most cases, which will require 4-5 boxes of the tea. Success requires a strong dedication to end the smoking habit.

Ingredients:  green tea (from Tian Mu Mountains), sacred lotus seed, Chinese asparagus root, Asian ginseng root, and proprietary blending of other Chinese herbs: all natural ingredients, nothing artificial.

Size: 8 tea bags per box.

Stop Smoking Tea – West Lake Tea is imported from China exclusively by Kingsway Trading Inc. in Brooklyn, New York.

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