Lishizhen Coronavirus Formula, 7-pack

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Aid for pestilence disease with fever.

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Lishizhen Coronavirus Formula is aid for pestilence disease illness with fever.

For mild syndrome affect, 7-pack is recommended. For serious syndrome affect, 14-pack is recommended.

For general flu illness, begin with Jingfeng Baidu Shan.

Adult Serving:  1 pack herbs prepared fresh morning and evening as decoction. Drink all.  NOTE:  If you experience strong response, reduce serving to once a day.

Preparation:  In stainless or ceramic pan, add 2 cups clean water and 1 pack of herbs. Bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer 30 minutes. Cool slightly, gently squeeze juice from herb pack, pour decoction into mug and drink.

Ingredients:  loncera japonica flos, isatis radix, violae herba, dryopteris rhizoma, artemisiae annuae herba, forsythia suspensa fructus, isatis tinctorum folium, taraxaci herba, chrysanthemi indici flos, prunelliae spica, glycyrrhizae radix.

Size: 7 packs of herbs, 1 ounces (30 grams) each. Also available in 14-pack.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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  1. ormlette

    Is it safe to take during pregnancy?

    • admin

      Hi Ormlette, Shifu Hwang indicates this herbal has nothing in it that might terminate pregnancy, nor cause harm to fetus. However, always be cautious during pregnancy as each person is different, each pregnancy is different, and the environment around changes minute to minute. Linda, Office Manager

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