Gan Mao Ling

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Aid for common head cold general flu, also head ache.

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Know as remedy for the common head cold. Gan Mao Ling helps with symptoms as stiffness in neck and back, sore throat, swelling in throat, chills, aversion to cold, high fever and headache.

This Classic formula releases Exterior, eliminates Heat, fights acute infection, treats flu syndrome. Most effective when taken at on-set of symptoms.

Adult Serving:  4 tablets, 3 times a day at on-set of cold or flu.

Child Serving: 2 tablets, 3 times a day at on-set of cold or flu.

Ingredients:  ilex asprella herb, evodia lepta root, vitex negundo herb, chrysanthimum flower, strobilanthes cusia root, lonicarae flower.

Size:  100 tablets per bottle.

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