Five Immortals

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Aid as eneral health tonic for teens to elderly, slows aging.

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Aid as general health tonic with benefits to all internal organs, skin, teeth, and bones.  Five Immortals benefits teens to elderly:

  • Lifts Qi
  • Increases energy and flexibility
  • Reduces the discomforts of aging
  • Slows the aging process

Adult Serving:  4-6 honey-balls a day for regular health maintenance and increased energy and flexibility.  8-10 honey-balls at one time for immediate increase in flexibility.

Ingredients:  discorea radix, achyranthes radix, polygala radix, cornus fruit, poria cocos, schisandra fruit, morinda radix, cistanche herb, broussonetia fruit, eucommia cortex, foeniculu fruit, lycium fruit, acorus rhizome, rehmannia radix, honey.

Size: ~ 100 honey-balls, 102 grams by weight.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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