Ji Chuan Jian – Tea / Decoction

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Aid for constipation due to weak peristalsis.

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Ji Chuan Jian aids with weak-type constipation due to weak peristalsis. Symptoms may include atonic constipation; tongue: pale with transparent-white fur; pulse: tight-wiry. This formula acts as laxative, moistens Intestine, warms Kidneys.

Adult Serving:  See preparation instructions. Drink morning and evening for 2 days.

Preparation:  In stainless or ceramic pan, add 6 to 8 cups clean water and entire bag of loose herbs. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes. Cool slightly, strain into glass container with top. Drink 1/4 of liquid morning and evening for 2 days.

Ingredients:  angelica sinensis radix, achyranthes radix, cistanche herb, alisma plantago-aquatica rhizhome, cimicifuga rhizome, citrus fructus.

Size: loose herbs, approximately 4 ounce, 120+ grams.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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