Herbal Pain Killer

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Aid for reduceing pain in bone, soft tissue, nerves, tooth; after surgery; in cancer syndrome.

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Aid for pain from: injury to bone, connective or soft tissues, nerve; tooth ache; surgery; cancer syndrome.  Herbal Pain Killer effectively reduces pain in acute and chronic conditions. Also, effective for pain from cancer syndrome.

Adult Serving:  1 capsules. If pain not reduced in 40 minutes, take 1 more, or as recommended.

Ingredients:  aconitum carmichaeli radix, aconitum kudnezoffi radix, curcuma longa rhizome, piper longum fructus, zanthoxylum semen, arisaema rhizome, pinella rhizome.

Size: 45 capsules per bottle.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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