Freezing Syndrome Relief, Bulk pound

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Aid for sneezing; stiff neck, back and joints; muscles pain; muscle spasms; soft tissue hardening. Benefits humans and their animals.

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Freezing Syndrome Relief aids to relieve initial and advanced symptoms of freezing body syndrome: sneezing; stiff neck, back and joints; muscles pain; muscle spasms; muscle and organ ossification; various issues of cancer syndrome; boosts Yang to resolve cancer syndrome.  Freezing Syndrome Relief benefits humans and their animals.

General Application:  Give 1 to 2 time daily (or more per human or animal’s needs) in a small amount of food.  Continue until comfort is achieved.  Size of serving is based on weight and advancement of freezing body syndrome.  Guidelines for servings is listed below.

Serving Guidelines:  Give 1-2 times daily (or more often according to needs) in a small amount of food.  1) Serving size for humans is 1-2 rounded teaspoons.  Also available in capsules.  2) Serving size for animals is based on animal’s approximate weight.

  • appx 1500 lbs – 3 tablespoons daily or 1.5 tbsp twice daily
  • appx 900 lbs – 2 tablespoons daily or 1 tbsp twice daily
  • appx 180 lbs – 1 rounded teaspoon daily or 1/2 rounded tsp twice daily
  • appx 5 lbs – small pinch daily

Note: For advanced freezing body syndrome, give standard serving size for a few days.  If observe only minimal change in physical comfort level, double serving size and observe for a few days.  Adjust according to observation.

Ingredients:  polygonum radix, angelica radix, aristolachia caulis, paeonia radix, foeniculu fruit, citrus pericarpium, glycyrrhiza radix.

Size: 1 pound, 454 grams loose powder per bag.  Also available in 5-ounce jar and 100 capsules per bottle.  Produced by TaiChi People Herb Co, LLC in USA.

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