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See Diabetes Support Basic.

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Helps with diabetes syndrome: excessive thirst, constant hunger, frequent urination, fatigue with light exertion and other symptoms associated with diabetes. This syndrome is triple-warmer deficiency.

Adult Serving:

4-6 capsules morning and evening. May mix capsule contents in small amount of water or soft food such as applesauce. Note: 4 capsules equal 1 teaspoon powder.


pueraria radix, kirilowii radix, paeonia pall radix, astragalus radix, rehmannnia radix, glycyrrhiza radix, ophiopogon tuber, anemarrhena rhizome, phellodendron cortex, achyranthes radix, schisandra fruit, dioscoria radix, paeonia cortex, gallus endothelium.

Size: 100 capsules per bottle. Also, available in loose powder: 4.5 oz. jar.

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