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Shou Wu Pian

Maintains the body’s natural balance and general well-being: helps with baldness, premature hair graying, soreness of loins, and weakness of limbs. Shou Wu Pian (aka He Shou Wu, Fo-Ti, Foti Hair) boosts liver-qi and kidney-qi; supports blood, bones, muscles, and prolong lifespan. Adult Serving:  5 tablets, 2 times daily. Ingredients:  astragalus membranaceus root, glycyrrhiza uralensis […]

Herbal Guide

This Herbal Guide is provided to simplify your selection of Chinese herbals and ONLY includes the products offered at our site.  Identify the section of interest in the brief Content list and ‘click’ on highlighted text for expanded list of Chinese herbals. The statements here and on the products listed on this website have not […]